Fireproof Technology Services for Hotels

Tappezeria GM Lab is a well known company in the town of La Spezia and throughout the region of Liguria. Its success stems from its professionalism and standard of craft and production, which gives each product a particularly unique and irreproducable quality. In addition, over the years, it has developed a number of technologies to achieve the needs of coverings and tapestries for clients such as hotels, bars and clubs.

Water Resistant Coatings

The company has a vast experience in the upholstery industry and has managed to develop and start the production of coatings for the interiors of hotels and bars. These coatings are fire resistant due to which they can also be used for marine structures such as large yachts.

Legally certified materials

We not only produce articles and handmade creations for your apartment, bar, hotel or boat, but also warrant them with an appropriate legal certification attesting the flame resistant properties of our products. For more information, please contact our corporate team on 0187 509476 or request further details by filling out the contact form on this site.

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