The Class of Coatings by GM Lab

GM Lab creates handcrafted upholstery, producing items and furnishings tailored to your house and also for spaces such as clubs and bars. One of the main activities of our laboratory based in La Spezia, is the creation and production of furnishings or coating fabrics of various types. GM Lab is also involved in the renovation of old and worn upholstery of sofas and armchairs, wherein we return their shine and provide that unique touch of class through the craftsmanship technique we possess and use.

Coating & Accessories for Interiors

Our Ligurian upholstery has long provided for requirements in coatings and accessories for interiors. Owing to this professional background, we offer only high quality materials best suited to every application situation. The fabrics used in the processing are of various types: silk, organza, cotton for household linen, leather, synthetic fabrics (example: eco-leather) for covering sofas and armchairs.

Some Examples

The Tappezeria GM Lab specializes in tailored textile coatings applicable for normal domestic upholstery and more so to the macro category of interiors such as curtains, upholstery renewal of armchairs and sofas, tailored mobile coating and coating of chairs. GM Lab specializes not only in home environments but also in environments such as bars and hotels.

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